The Greenleaf Story

Greenleaf Corporation is a leading supplier of industrial cutting tools, specializing in the manufacturing of high-performance tungsten carbide and ceramic grade inserts and innovative toolholding systems. Greenleaf continues to build on 75 years of innovation and the legacy established by its founder Walter J. Greenleaf, Sr., which centers on supplying customers with productive solutions to every metal-cutting situation.

Greenleaf Corporation Building from the 1950s
Greenleaf facilities circa late 1950s

The corporation traces its roots back to the early 1940s when Walter J. Greenleaf, Sr. sold tungsten carbide tooling systems to the steel industry in Western Pennsylvania. Greenleaf Corporation was formed in 1945 and began marketing a diverse line of products for the machine tool industry. Greenleaf Corporation moved into manufacturing in 1960. In 1969, Greenleaf was the first to introduce CVD-coated carbide inserts to the US marketplace.

Over the next 44 years Greenleaf grew in market share through the development of its technological capabilities and product line. Walter J. Greenleaf, Jr. assumed the presidency from his father in 1968, continuing the family legacy of innovation and excellence in manufacturing. Greenleaf capitalized on its reputable line of carbide products by engineering innovations in the areas of ceramic, ceramic composites, and custom-designed toolholding systems. Greenleaf’s introduction of WG-300®, a whisker-reinforced ceramic insert that is recognized as one of the most significant advancements in the history of cutting tools, enabled companies to reach previously unachievable machining speeds.

Current Greenleaf Corporation Facilities in Saegertown
Greenleaf headquarters, present day

Greenleaf is a world leader in technical ceramic materials for medical, aerospace, and electronic applications. The company manufactures ceramic components that work where exotic metals, carbides, and traditional ceramics do not perform well. Greenleaf produces these ceramic material solutions to specific customer requirements utilizing high-quality raw materials and an extensive array of capable production processes.

Under the guidance of James M. Greenleaf since 1994, the company sells and distributes its product lines in more than 60 countries. Currently Greenleaf services its global customer base from a number of locations. Greenleaf’s corporate headquarters in Saegertown, Pennsylvania and a facility in North Carolina are the mainstays of pioneering breakthroughs in cutting tool technology and manufacturing. On the global front, award- winning customer service and technical support is also achieved through offices in the United States, Europe, and China.

Today, Greenleaf Corporation is positioned to serve the evolving needs of companies in major industries, including aerospace, automotive, bearings, machine tool, and rail, among others. Greenleaf’s products are engineered to provide optimal performance against a wide range of materials under the most rigorous metal-cutting conditions. In addition to a comprehensive line of carbide inserts, Greenleaf offers high-quality ceramic and ceramic-composite materials, which can be custom designed for specific machining applications.

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