Greenleaf Corporation Product Literature

These brochures and flyers can provide additional information about Greenleaf’s overall product offering and specifically about our ceramic materials for technical and tooling applications.

Aerospace Brochure

Greenleaf Corporation Aerospace Brochure

Greenleaf Corporation is a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and applying advanced tooling solutions to meet the unique challenges common to manufacturing jet engine components. High nickel alloys, stainless steels, and titanium alloys are all part of our daily application range.

Aerospace Brochure

Excelerator® Ball Nose

Greenleaf Corporation Ball Nose Flyer

Greenleaf’s line of Excelerator® ball nose mills features patented geometries designed to maximize your productivity and improve tool life. Greenleaf’s ball nose mills are the only ball nose end mills on the market designed to accept either carbide or ceramic inserts, making extreme applications profitable.

Excelerator® Ball Nose Imperial Excelerator® Ball Nose Metric


Greenleaf Corporation GEM-8 Flyer

The next generation, high-performance, cobalt-enriched grade that maximizes productivity in roughing and semi-finishing of steels and stainless steels is here! G5125+ is a tough, cobalt-enriched, CVD-coated carbide grade ideally suited for roughing and semi-finishing of steels in turning applications with extended tool life and increased productivity.

G5125+ Flyer


Greenleaf Corporation G-9610 Flyer pdf

G-9610 is a PVD-coated carbide grade designed for turning titanium-based alloys. The high-tech, wear-resistant, chemically-stable, and very smooth and lubricious coating protects the heat-resistant, sub-micron substrate and allows for higher speeds and extended tool life in continuous cuts.

G-9610 Flyer


Greenleaf Corporation GEM-8 Flyer

GEM-8 is a next generation aluminum oxide and titanium ceramic composite with increased tool life and a high degree of predictability. Higher strength provides superior edge integrity, making this grade suitable for machining high-strength, high-hardness materials compared to cold-pressed and sintered Al2 O3 (white) ceramics.

GEM-8 Flyer

Product Guide

Greenleaf Corporation Product Guide pdf

Metalcutting tools and systems: Greenleaf Corporation is a leading developer of cutting-tool technology and specializes in the manufacture of high-performance tungsten carbide and ceramic inserts as well as innovative tool-holding systems.

Metalcutting Product Guide

Quick-Change Toolholders

Greenleaf Corporation Whisker-Reinforced Ceramic Inserts brochure pdf

ISO 26623 shanks available in C6 and C8 sizes! Greenleaf Quick-Change Toolholders conform to ISO 26623, utilize standard components, and are designed to maximize tool life in carbide and ceramic turning applications.

Quick-Change Toolholders Brochure

Solid End Mills

Greenleaf-360 catalog pdf

Greenleaf offers solid end mills in both ceramic and carbide! XSYTIN®-360 ceramic end mills offer ten times higher productivity and tremendous cost savings. Greenleaf-360 high-performance carbide end mills have shown speed and feed performance 25-50% higher than the competition with extended tool life.

Solid End Mill Catalog

Technical Ceramics

Greenleaf Corporation Technical Ceramics pdf

Trust Greenleaf for all of your technical ceramic needs! Greenleaf has been in the advanced ceramic business for over 50 years, manufacturing ceramic components that work where exotic metals, carbides and traditional ceramics do not perform well. Technical ceramic materials possess properties such as: extreme hardness, strength, and wear resistance, biological compatibility, heat and corrosion resistance, and a wide range of electrical and dielectric properties.

Technical Ceramics Product Guide

Whisker-Reinforced Ceramic Inserts

Greenleaf Corporation Whisker-Reinforced Ceramic Inserts brochure pdf

Take your productivity to a new level! Greenleaf whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts are extremely successful at machining hard materials such as hard steels and nickel and cobalt-based super alloys. They offer excellent wear and shock resistance at high surface speeds and are capable of operating up to 10 times the speed that is used for uncoated carbide tools!

Ceramic Inserts Brochure


Greenleaf Corporation XSYTIN-1 brochure pdf

XSYTIN®-1 — the first of its kind! Phase-toughened ceramics are ceramic-composite cutting tools that offer almost twice the strength of other commercial ceramic-composite cutting tools. Learn how XSYTIN®-1 compares to traditional ceramics and carbide inserts, and see the data on the proven performance of this Greenleaf technology.

XSYTIN®-1 Brochure


Greenleaf Corporation XSYTIN-360 brochure pdf

XSYTIN®-360 ceramic end mills combine Greenleaf's phase-toughened XSYTIN®-1 substrate with a unique cutting geometry that offers ten times higher productivity and tremendous cost savings. These new ceramic end mills provide customers with significant increases in productivity over current solid carbide or ceramic products.

XSYTIN®-360 Brochure

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