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CIMT • Beijing, China
April 12-17 | Booth #W1-A184

HOUSTEX • Houston, TX
October 5-7 | Booth #1521

EASTEC • West Springfield, MA
October 19-21 | Booth #5317

SOUTHTEC • Greenville, SC
October 26-28 | Booth #1021

WESTEC • Long Beach, CA
November 16-18 | Booth #2009

Greenleaf Introduces XSYTIN®-360 New Solid Ceramic End Mills

Published February 9, 2021

Greenleaf Corporation Blisk Mill
Greenleaf Corporation today announced XSYTIN®-360, a new line of high-performance solid ceramic end mills, to the global market. XSYTIN®-360 end mills combine Greenleaf’s phase-toughened XSYTIN®-1 substrate with a unique cutting geometry that offers ten times higher productivity and tremendous cost savings.

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Greenleaf Corporation Launches New Website

Published February 1, 2021

...In addition to browsing the Greenleaf catalogs and other literature for product and technical information, visitors to the site can now read about Greenleaf’s history, employment opportunities, news, and events...

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Embracing Slot Diversity

Published January 5, 2021

Greenleaf Corporation Blisk Mill
"Bronson said Greenleaf designs cutters that go into curved shapes, 'which is a challenge because you don’t have a straight line of sight through that slot like you would with traditional slotting. The tool is a little unusual. When you look at the side profile of a contact lens, it’s dished; that’s the shape of the cutter.'"


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